20th September 2017 Morning News Wrap.

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Dumb News Websites…here were the main stories from this morning on one of them…

Sophia Monk winning bachelor has apparently been revealed.

A video of the CBA branch that was lit….IN NOV LAST YEAR.

Five stories about football….all in the headlines.

A $20,000 block quiz.

A vid of Modern Family star having a wardrobe malfunction.

Peter Fitzsimons has a gay friend and apparently this was newsworthy.

The 8 words you will never hear a royal say….Probably are ‘I don’t want to move to New Zealand’.

5 women all wore the same dress to a wedding…


What constitutes news these days is alarming.


So here is some real news.


Syrian troops cross the Euphrates River.


Eiffel Tower goes bullet proof.


Britain is No.1 in Europe for Jihadist Propaganda. Wonder where Australia rates for Brainwashing propaganda to leftist agendas at the moment….is there a position above No. 1.


Police cars torched in Georgia, USA.


A Victorian woman struck down with the flu has given birth whilst she is in a coma.


Migrants shutdown a French University Campus.


US opens first permanent Military base in Israel….Iran says ‘not happy Jan’. Which doesn’t sound as funny in Arabic.


Senate approves $700 billion military budget.


A woman called 000 for an ambulance as she was experiencing pain….She lived in Ballart and they sent a cab.


New Aussie $10 goes into circulation. Please can you send me a couple. If everyone did that….I would be happy.


Two men dead following a glider crash in South East Queensland.


Rohingy Muslim’s being wiped off the map in Myanmar.


Turbulence may be a thing of the past….Boeing is working on fixing it.


Mexico shaken by a 7.1 magnitude shake, collapsing buildings.


Wall Street up 39 points.


Chicago deploys more police as the city marks its 500th homicide for the year.


Have an amazing Wednesday.

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