22nd September 2017 Morning News Wrap



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Tony Abbott headbutted by a same sex marriage campaigner – left bleeding from the face.….Headline on the Project tonight will be…..Tony Abbott uses his face to assault the forehead of a man who was simply standing for love.


Canberra breastfeeding mum has given a raging woman a great comeback after the woman demanded she cover up while she fed because her husband couldn’t stop ogling…..so she covered her face….see pic….Gold.


Sydney dentists denies dozens of child sex charges.


The RBA is concerned about the level of Australia’s debt.


Trump orders blacklist on North Korean business partners….kind of the political version of the Soap Nazi…..NO BUSINESS FOR YOU…..that’s for the Seinfeld devotees.


At the same time, South Korea is sending a $10 million aid package to North Korea….probably a large horse statute…..that’s for the history buffs.


Hurricane Maria has totally obliterated island of 3.4 million.


A lesbian couple in the US has been jailed for 20 years for beating their five year old adopted son so bad he had two strokes.


A family in the UK have just welcomed their 20th child…..apparently they don’t like reality TV and so seeing that’s all that is on TV these days……


Jet runs off the runaway at Istanbul….Turkey!


275 people have died in Mexico as a result of the earthquake…the world is focused on a 12 year old girl who is trapped in the rubble of the school. Had the same girl lived in Nigeria and been kidnapped by Boko Haram…the world would not be as focused on her resuce…..#doublestandards.


6th person arrested in relation to the subway bucket bombing…..probably will all be released in a few days as that’s the normal way it happens….press releases on the arrests and everyone feels safe….then they release them a few days later and no one ever knows.


A brother and sister in France who made a baby have been given the right to officially be named as the parents on the birth certificate. For the record….they didn’t know they were brother and sister at the time of the um…..’cuddle’.


And on that note…..cya.

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