25th September 2017 Morning News Wrap



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Well the world was meant to end over the weekend but we are all still here…so get to work people. Do not ring in claiming to have been raptured.


Broome has a top of 31 today.


CBA announces that they are scrapping ATM bank fees due to consumer unhappiness…..Wow took them long enough….. we have all been winging about the $2.5 fees for years and only now they move.


The support for the Yes Vote in the Same Sex Marriage debate is waning according to a new opinion poll released today…wonder if that is due to the Marriage Equality people invading Aussie’s privacy by sending unsolicited text messages on Saturday telling people to vote Yes.


Cocaine Cassie during a 60 minute interview says that she has iron proof evidence that her family was threatened with death threats if she didn’t carry drugs…..the evidence is clear and will completely show her innocence….its all laid out clearly on her phone that she has right here with her…..oh but she has forgotten the pass code….seems legit…….its the drug trafficking equivalent of ‘Sorry Miss, my dog ate my homework’.


Sydney mum killed in a hit n run.


A teenage girl at a Perth school who had a heart attack was saved by her fellow students who had been taught CPR…..good job students.


NRL ex player Alex McKinnon told he may never walk again.


Up to six injured in a London acid attack.


NZ indecisive in the Fed Election.


Germans slightly more decisive returning Chancellor Merkel albeit with slightly diminished power.


Trump tells people to leave any NFL game where a player refuses to stand for the National Anthem.


Protests in the US after a cop is acquitted for shooting and killing a black man.


One person killed and 8 injured at a mass shooting at a church in Tennessee.


Bali on high alert for Volcano…..no silly….that’s the not street name for the latest hipster drug to hit the drug holiday hot spot…there is actually a volcano….the latest hipster drug name is the Turnbull…..you don’t have to buy it….it just appears….promises you a high…..you get on board but then nothing happens and the side effects are disappointment and cynicism with some backflips.


Saudi Arabia allows women into sports stadiums for the first time…..women must be really celebrating this monumental advancement in women’s rights…..you now get to go to the game with your hubby. Still can’t drive….will get stoned for sinning and will be whipped if you show your ankles in public….but the game…..


And on that note….welcome to Monday…have a good one.

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