29th September 2017 Morning News Wrap


Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Grandfinal weekend coming up….The Morning News Wrap Staff are tipping Richmond and the Cowboys.


Hey also Daylight starts Sunday Morning so wind your clocks forward unless you are in South Australia then your clocks are already 17 years behind.


Double demerits start tonight at midnight in NSW.


Here in Queensland we have no AFL Grandfinal, No NRL Grandfinal, No Daylight Saving and No Double Demerits…..I am driving to Tweed Heads (Northern NSW tomorrow) just so I can feel a little included in this weekend’s action.


A man has been killed during a high speed car chase in Unanderra, Wollongong.


PM Bernie has championed free speech whilst shutting down Tony Abbott’s opinion on a same sex marriage anthem being played at the NRL grand final. PM Bernie struggles with the concept of hypocrisy. Oh wait everyone can express their opinion as long as it agrees with the extreme left. Roger that.


Family of seven involved in an ugly car accident at Port Macquarie with a 16 year old girl thrown from the car and killed.


Former Pentagon official urges Australia to bolster defense.


Well knock me down and slap me silly…I am gobsmacked this morning…..one of the main media outlets are carrying a story of a SSM yes campaigner filmed hurling racial abuse at a no campaigner whilst pulling down the signs the no campaigner was putting up….This is the first story that I have seen that paints the yes campaign in a negative light.


AFL accused of over stating the crowd numbers at the finals games…..releasing a statement: These were the largest crowds, period ever to witness, period a grand final series period…..(This is a Sean Spice White House reference for those scratching their heads).


Worldwide chaos as check in systems fail for 100 airlines.


Aussie Jihadi apologizes for all the trouble he caused. I assume The Bernie government will welcome him back into Australia now…they are like that.


Hugh Heffner, the father of modern pornography has died. I wonder how many women’s lives he exploited and messed up. I wonder how many men’s lives he messed up with a pornography addiction. Celebrities are describing him as ‘one of nicest men I’ve ever known’, Which is an ignorant thing to say.


Elaine Benes has breast cancer.


40% of German students don’t know what Auschwitz is.


Italian woman marries herself in a lavish ‘sologamy’ ceremony….well to quote the same sex marriage mantra….Love is Love.


Mexico hit by over 5400 after shocks after September 7 quake.


From the file of ‘Why is this in the news?’ Maccas is the highest ranking restaurant amongst weed smokers. Speaking of weed….I could go a Bacon and Egg McMuffin right now…..Reaching for my phone…what’s the number for Uber Eats.


3 year old named living goddess in Nepal…she can leave the temple only 13 times a year. I would guess that tributes to the said goddess have gone from pigs, corn and money to pop tarts, dummies and toys.


Have a great Friday.

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