6th October 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Well its more a late morning News Wrap or if you are in Chile it’s a very late night News Wrap….But I am committed to taking from around the Globe whilst I am around the Globe and depositing whatever I collect into your Frontal Lobe.


Hey speaking of Frontal Lobe….what was that book that we had to read in High school where people have a frontal lobotomy if they showed any level of rebellion? Anyway…I digress. Now the news.


British Man Nick Xenophon has resigned from Australia’s senate and will run for a South Australian State seat where they accept people from other countries leading them. Hope he takes his torch with him.


German bargain supermarket chain opens first store in Australia.


An Australian is murdered overseas every week on average. The deadliest location for aussie’s is Thailand. For the record 1633 tourists from various countries were murdered last financial year whilst on holidays…..Now time to call my travel agent….


A man has pleaded guilty to supplying the gun that killed Sydney police accountant Curtis Cheng.


Pedestrian critical after being stabbed in a Brisbane road rage attack.


Turbulence set to triple according to experts…..yeah they made this predication after a particularly nasty vindaloo at the local Indian Restaurant….Curry in a Hurry.


Headline reads ‘Jerk Sheep headbutts kid just for the hell of it’…let’s examine that story for a minute….the kid and his dad were in the sheep’s nature environment (the paddock) and they were threatening the sheep’s offspring (Patting a lamb)…so the sheep stood up for its young…..Verdict….Sheep not a jerk….Journalist a jerk for trying to click bait us.


Wall Street up 131 points.


Looks like the Las Vegas wasn’t the first choice for the gunman after its been revealed he had booked a motel for another festival weeks earlier but never showed up.


A pro life Republican Senator in the US has forced his mistress to have an abortion.


‘Stealthing’ – which is sneakily removing a condom so the woman doesn’t notice…has been ruled as rape by US Lawmakers….And good for them.


6 people killed in powerful storms in Germany.


And that will do….so so tired……..zzzzzzzz

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