18th October 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


A Newcastle teen boy has died after attacking a pool employee and then being restrained by members of the public.


Brisbane grandmother attacked her baby grandson with a meat cleaver.


Footyshow dumps Fatty and will now be hosted by Erin Molan.


Six fishermen feared dead off the coast of Bundaberg after their trawler capsized.


Hey PM Bernie has been talking a lot about energy prices and how he wants to be a Messianic figure to the Australian household budget (my words), well its being reported that from 2020 the average Aussie Family will save between 50 cents and $2 a week and that’s the best we will be able to expect for the next decade…..wow a whole 50 cents a week….Well done Prime Minister, Well done. More like Judas I say.


Asthma attacks warning for Victoria.


10.8 million people have voted in the marriage plebiscite.


US backed fighters have liberated Raqqa. This city was the capital of the Islamic state.


Wall Street up 36 points. Dow reaches 23,000 mark for the first time.


A teen girl in the US has died of a Heroin overdose after she got hooked on painkillers and then harder drugs after she broke her back in a car accident.


Russian performance artist who set fire to a French bank has been put into a psych ward. Apparently arson is not art.


A private school in the UK who introduced gender neutral toilets and were held up and cheered on for being awesome and progressive and announced how all their students and parents loved the new toilets, have now, 6 months later, got rid of them as students were uncomfortable with the toilets and student satisfaction at the school had fallen significantly.


Have a super Wednesday.

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