24th October 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-


Australia’s welfare bill costs $300,000 a minute. The bill has risen 40% in the last 10 years. The $160 billion Australia spends on welfare is 80% of income tax collected each year.


Australia donates millions to the Rohingya crisis.


Vic Cops broke protocol when they didn’t breath test the Premier’s wife after she was involved in a crash.


Two people killed as a plane break apart and crashes in Darwin.


A car crash victim near Maryborough has been hit by another car whilst he was trying to get help. He died.


The Aussie teacher that was shot in a Nairobi in what appeared to be a bungled robbery was being stalked for months in the lead up to the murder and had taken out an AVO.


Four men have been photographed swimming in a baited crocodile trap in croc infested waters in Queensland. Proving that not all people have brains.


Inquest opens up as to how a NSW prisoner died in prison of obesity.


One of Bill Shorten’s closest advises resigns as a pic emerges of him dressed as black face.


An Aussie family of four has only just escaped from being attacked by Rascals in the highlands of PNG.


New motel opens up only for obese people. The buffet is to die for.


In the US, A little toddler’s body has been found near where her father sent the little girl outside at 3am as punishment for spilling milk.


Mugabe dumped from WHO ambassador role….why was he there already?????


A town in Florida is freaking out after 3 people were murdered in 11 days sparking fears that the town is being stalked by a serial killer.


British man faces three months jail for touching a man on the hip in Dubai. Oh the humanity.


Suicide bomber kills 13 in northern Nigeria.


At least 94 had died of the plague in Madagascar.


A gaggle of marauding turkeys has been attacking police in a small town in Massachusetts. Well of course. This time of year Turkeys get on edge man. They have nothing to be thankful for.


Have a super Tuesday.


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