26th October 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Australia braces for a day of severe storms….time to catch public transport cyclists.


Calls for Senator and Employment Minister Michaelia Cash to be sacked after he turns out she misled parliament over the AFP raids on the AWU. Which ironically involved looking for cash.


Man dies at the scene of a Melbourne assault. Three flatmates have been arrested.


A man has been killed by a snapped tree branch in a freak tree pruning accident in Perth.


We all have heard the title Helicopter parents….to signify hovering parents over their children…there is a new term…’lawn mower parent’s’ used to signify parents that smooth the pathway forward for their kids by removing all obstacles in their life. Here is another one that I made up….’oil parents’ to represent parents who are dipsticks to their kids.


Big crash on the M4 in Sydney. A young man has been killed and three others injured.


A Canberra woman has been killed by her pet pitbull.


Research shows that the blood of women who have been pregnant may be dangerous for men in a transfusion….yeah the blood contains girl germs.


Wall Street down 112 points.


Mark Ruffalo’s releases a message to Hollywood predators….I didn’t read it but apparently he is outraged and no one wants to anger Mark Ruffalo….see pic of the result. Mind you maybe we should put Mark and Harvey Winstein into a cage fight and see who wins.


Fats Domino has died 89…..No idea who he is but I would suggest with a name that includes Fats and Domino….well you see where this is going and its a supreme idea…lol…actually talking about the Supremes…..Fats Domino was apparently a famous singer and musician from the 60’s and 70’s….that’s way before the internet boys and girls…..where boys and girls went outside and climbed trees…..wow I am sounding like Uncle Arthur.


Brother of the Las Vegas shooter arrested over child porn issues. What a nice family.


US Police arrest a teen who attacked a mother and her six month old baby.



Porsche has settled out of court with Paul Walker’s daughter.


Have a super Thursday and if you live on the East Coast stay dry.

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