1st November 2017 Morning News Wrap



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


The 100th Anniversary of the Lighthouse charge on Beersheba has been celebrated in Israel. It was the last great Calvary charge in history and ultimately led to the formation of modern day Israel. 31 Australians and 70 horses died of the 800 who charged on the machine gun filled trenches of the Turks. Lest We Forget. See Pic.


A Canberra man has died after being tasered.


77% of Australians have voted in the Marriage Plebiscite. This is a greater percentage than the number of people who voted in the US Election.


A driver has rammed a cop car in Melbourne and then was tasered in what people feared was a repeat of the Bourke St massacre, which happened just blocks away.


Channel 9 crew egged on the Sunshine Coast as they were reporting on a Halloween party that got out of hand.


Perth man charged for upskirting a shop assistant.


Possible Rebels bikie link in vicious Central Coast bashing murder.


Aussie woman risks losing her leg after a scooter crash in Thailand.


Judge in the US orders man to write 144 nice things about ex girlfriend….seems mature. Maybe she should have been given 1000 lines….You must write…..I will not stalk my ex girlfriend. I am sure that will fix it.


A newly married woman in Pakistan who was trying to poison her husband has accidently killed 13 members her family.


Couple charged after an 18 month old baby was found with maggots in her nappy.


Husband of NSW Teacher murder in Kenya has been released without charge.


Police discover nine dismembered bodies in a man’s Tokyo apartment.


Wall Street up 28 points.


Two people have been shot dead after a ute ploughed into people near the World Trade Centre site.


A couple who were badly burnt in California’s wildfires are tragically unaware that they have also lost both their children in the fire.


Over 200 people have been killed after a Nuclear site collapsed in North Korea.


Welcome to November….Not long now to go till Christmas.

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