3rd November 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Police Taser a man brandishing a shovel on a wild rampage….Police were trying to stop him making random vegie gardens everywhere. Anyway turns out his name was Doug….now that he is tasered and without the shovel he has changed his name to Douglas. Apparently he was a poker player and he just needed a spade to win. Sorry I merely calling a spade a spade. Anyway I need to stop as I am just digging myself deeper here. For the record Doug was a grave digger which made his shovel tax deductible


Aussie taxpayers have forked out over $100,000 for Cocaine Cassie’s legal bill….seems legit.


Aussie male infertility has doubled in a decade.


Four people charged after a stolen car rams a police car head on.


Teen fighting for life after a stabbing at a Sydney Shopping centre.


Trump calls for the death penalty for the New York terrorist.


Michael Jackson’s soon rushed to hospital after a motorcycle accident.


Wall Street up 81 points.


Hidden Chamber found in Egypt’s Great Pyramid in the first major find in 100 years. It apparently holds PM Bernie’s both leadership gonads.


Thousands protest after jailing of Catalan leaders.


NZ police arrest six over brawls in South Auckland bro.


New Kiwi PM reveals Julie Bishop’s stinging silent treatment….well snap girlfriend…..we have here a reality TV show…The Real Housewives of Island Nation Parliaments.


Facebook makes $ 5 billion in three months. Which is slightly above the revenue of the Morning News Wrap.


Have a great Friday.

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