4th November 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Three men posing as cops terrorize Melbourne Family.


Tialeigh’s foster mother jailed for lies she told police about her murder.


Melbourne Woman killed as car and passenger train collide.


Man left with a fractured skull after a brawl outside a Sydney pub.


Elderly man accidently kills his wife in a Melbourne driveway accident.


Women on the South Australian coast are saying they are being stalked by a creepy drone spying on them in their homes….and if I was a hubby here I would be getting out my shot gun.


Big fight in a Sydney Chemist over a $7 eyeliner.


Over 150,000 refugees entered Europe via the Mediterranean this year.


The UK want to give 16 year olds the vote.


Apple could become the world’s first trillion dollar company.


Two brothers have been sentenced in India for the rape of their 10 year old niece. She has since the rape given birth to a baby. In an Indian survey, 90% of females experience sexual harassment and 86% say that it is unsafe for them to work evening or late shifts.


Wall Street up 23 points.


Venezuelan President has said that his country can’t pay its mounting bills anymore.


Have a great Satuday.

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