7th November 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


A Melbourne man has stolen a mum’s car during school pick up – complete with a baby in the back….She tried to jump on the car as he drove off…..and then he abandoned the baby and car a few blocks away.


Smoke engulfs Melbourne suburbs as gym goes up in smoke….man that was some workout….


Celebrity Liberal MP John Alexander may be a dual citizen….which may then once again threaten PM Bernie’s slim jim majority. And once again I ask the question are there any full Aussies in the Parliament?


The NSW town of Kurri Kurri has been damaged in a wild wind storm …. Reminds me of a curry curry I once had that gave me a wild wind storm…


Queensland Premier backflips on Adani more times than a Gold Medal Romanian on the balance beams at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


I know Romania is not in the Commonwealth….stop over thinking the news.


Customers are outraged after an Australia Post worker was filmed throwing parcels…..which ironically enough was the fastest the parcels would travel whilst being delivered by the postal service…..Again ironically they call it a postal ‘service’.


A 19 year old Queensland man who is keeping a deadly Taipan as a pet is now fighting for life after being bitten by the snake.


Elderly woman with a walker has been sexually assaulted at a Victorian Train Station.


Channel Ten ditches the Simpsons but keeps the Panel…..well that’s a shame.


UK Dad still scours the streets looking for his daughter who disappeared 24 years ok.


Texas church massacre gunman had been discharged from the Air Force.


Olivia Newton John’s missing lover has been found in Mexico 12 years after going missing whilst fishing. Man that was some trip.


Greek police arrest a van driver carrying 50 refugees in the back of his van.


1.25 million are facing starvation in Sudan.


Have an amazing Tuesday.

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