10th November 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Dad of the 8 year old boy killed at a Sydney school on Tuesday by a out of control car, says that he forgives the female driver.


Gold Coast lady accidently puts her cat through the washing machine for 45 mins. It survived.


9NEWS cameraman has been attacked and dragged 50 metres outside a court at Wodonga.


The motorcyclist involved in the hit n run in Melbourne the other day has died.


An Albury man has been charged and refused bail for putting the drug ice on the tip of a baby’s dummy.


Masked gang terrorizes passengers on Adelaide train after pulling emergency brake for graffiti spree.


A kangaroo has beaten up an 80 year old man at Bendalong on the South Coast.


Dramatic scenes as a plane’s engine bursts into flames on approach to Seattle airport. See Pic.


Court reverses conviction of US Marine who urinated on dead Taliban fighters.


A cannibal poet who ate his date’s brains after gruesome murder has been found sane and fit for trial in Russia.


Dow down 134 points.


Apple says FBI hasn’t asked for help unlocking Texas shooter’s phone.


Pastor of the Texas church where the massacre happened plans to demolish the church building.


Pope bans cigarette sales in the Vatican. Apparently his Press Release Statement said Pope Nope to Smoke.


A Nurse in Europe has killed over 100 patients.


Last Islamic State town in Syria falls.


Woman loses job after giving Trump the bird. Wonder what kind of bird…probably a budgie.


A Driverless bus in Las Vegas has crashed just hours after being launched.


Have a super Friday.

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