17th April 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Queensland Premier win the one and only people’s debate last night.


Police arrest a woman after fatally stabbing a man in Beenleigh.


Politicians pushing through changes to the Marriage Act saying that debate about religious freedom protections should happen later….meaning that they are now going to pass the legislation with less protections for churches than everyone assumed. Well that’s a surprise. Not.


Victorian tow truck driver has had his arm rip off whilst on the job.


WA man fighting for life after being struck by lightening.


NBN installer in Sydney has been asking women for access to their phones so he can install an NBN app and then stealing nudie photos of them off their phone.


Victorian mum has woken from a coma after three months, seeing her new son for the first time.


A Sydney man who became enraged that nuggets weren’t on McDonalds breakfast menu was arrested after ordering 200 Hash Browns. Assault with a cooked potato.


Workman rescued after being trapped in mud in Melbourne trench collapse.


Horrific secretly recorded footage shows free range chickens being boiled alive at an abattoir. If you buy free range eggs because you have a vision of happy chooks roaming on a hillside with a nice river flowing past….then I am an Nigerian prince who has a rich dead uncle and I want to share my wealth with you…please send me $3450 US processing fee.


NZ family may be paralyzed for life after eating wild boar meat.


Mugabe has been seen for the first time since a military coup but he is refusing to stand aside.


Wall Street up 197 points after Congress voted on a Trump Tax bill.


A 19 year old model has sold her virginity to a man from Abu Dhabi for $3 million. Bummer….I gave mine away for free.


Court overturns one of Rolf Harris’ indecent assault convictions.


10 killed in Russia between a bus and a logging truck.


14 people in Afghanistan bombing.


Have a super Friday.

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