21st November 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


A Tsunami alert has been issued after a massive earthquake struck off the coast of Australia near New Caledonia.


Controversially PM Bernie wants to delay the sitting of federal parliament by a week.


A 21 year old Aussie Mormon Missionary in Samoa has been hit and killed by a vehicle.


A Queensland woman has been fleeced of $100,000 by a man she met on line and who she believed was in love with her…..Here is a rule people….don’t give money to online people you haven’t met; regardless of how desperate their life saving kidney operations seems.


McDonald’s customer charged after he was caught on film trashing Victorian Store……hey dad…what does it mean to be caught ‘on film’? What’s film?


Melbourne man jailed for having 780,000 images of child porn on his laptop.


Schoolies are selling their wrist bands online to toolies for $100.


A 17 year old schoolie has been rushed to hospital after crashing her scooter on the Gold Coast.


Pauline Hanson is a grandmother again.


Melbourne Westfields in trouble for putting Santa next to a lingerie shop. Let’s see how much trouble we can get into around that last story….Santa was hoping to grab something for Mrs Clause for the long winter nights of snuggling at the North Pole. Santa misunderstood the BNT brand thinking it was BLT….and he was hungry at the time. He was thinking of the future….if people don’t shop at BNT there may be fewer children and children are his customer base. That will do.


A Scaffold tower has crashed down on pedestrians in New York.


Infamous cult leader Charles Manson who inspired his followers to commit bloody murders has died in prison of natural causes.


Mandra in Greece is covered in mud from flooding.


Vatican has thrown open its doors to the poor and provided a gourmet feast to mark the world day of the poor.


A bullfighter has been impaled in the groin by a bull in Mexico….all I can say is I hope he doesn’t visit Santa in Westfield’s Melbourne.


Scientists say that 2018 will be the year of huge earthquakes.


Paris cop goes on shooting spree after breaking up with girlfriend. Kills three people.


That will do for today. Have a super Tuesday.

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