22nd November 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Well the Queensland Premier is raging and there is much controversy and calls for disciplinary action this morning over a dastardly act by a Labor MP…..what was this heinous act…..she warmly embrace Pauline Hanson and gave her a set of booties for the grand child that was born yesterday. Oh the humanity…..come one people why does politics have to lack the human touch….can’t we first and foremost be Humans, be Aussies and then be politicians? These will be the same politicians who want to legislate anti bullying programs for our schools but can’t model human decency. See Pic of the treachery.


Three men have been killed in a horror crash on the York Peninsula.


Melbourne Mum kicked out of a Stevie Nicks concert in the Rod Laver Arena for dancing….Oh the Humanity.
Coles unveils a new hour of quietness……please just give me an hour where I don’t have to hear down down prices are down and watch animated happy people driving ridiculously small cars chirping endlessly on about a little red quote…..I want to take your little red quote and stick it….oh the humanity.


Junee in lockdown as a man is on the roof of a pub with a machete claiming the prices are down down prices are down…..Sorry I am traumatized…The Junee thing is real people, just not about the prices.


Melbourne swelters through its hottest week in 155 years and next week the temperature is down down temperatures down.


Male teacher at an elite girls school in Victoria has been charged with possessing child porn.


African Immigrants say they were refused service at an Adelaide Maccas but Restaurant owner Ronald McDonald says it was because they were being anti social….probably singing down down prices are down…..I would refuse them service for that.


Seven students treated for chemical exposure at Sydney School after an experiment went wrong.


Father of two jailed for filming more than 200 people in Sydney Public Toilets.


Two teenage boys have been charged with trying to rob a supermarket wearing a Burqua.


Tradie accidents drills himself in the groin on a Gold Coast worksite. Man that’s got to hurt. I don’t know much about drills but I think he is doing it wrong.


Fast and Furious star fakes kidnapping.


Plans to build wind farms on the graves of soldiers in France has been abandoned. Good.


Couple who met on a blind date and then were married for 71 years have died on the same day after napping together. They died holding hands.


Mugabe resigns.


I am out. Have a good one.

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