23rd November 2017 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Please only over 18s read the MNW this morning.


Victoria energy bosses fear blackout fears due to pressure on the grid as the state sizzles.


Pedestrian killed by Adelaide taxi.


Australia companies are going to offer female staff the option of the company paying for them to have their eggs frozen so they can work while they are younger and have their babies later in life…..I really don’t agree with this. There is the assumption that IVF later in life will be successful and that a pregnancy in middle age is risk free. And that work is more important than having a family. What do you think?


A body has been found off the coast of Newcastle and is thought to be a snorkeler taken by a shark.


Man fighting for life after falling from Sydney Balcony.


Hanson’s One Nation to scrap Queensland’s ‘nanny state’ booze laws.


Headline reads ‘Can sex really stretch your vagina?’ See this is an issue I have with what news website decide constitutes news….not only do they fill their newsfeeds with inane news about reality TV but they put ‘apparent news stories’ that are X rated: I personally don’t want my news about Navy crashes and bodies being found, peppered with adult orientated stories about vaginas etc. I am not a prude I just think News sites need just report the real news. Anyway I didn’t read the story as I don’t have a vagina so I don’t need to know so I can’t report whether it does or not.


Eight rescued and three missing after US Navy aircraft crash.


Wall Street down 64 points.


The Norway Navy is experimenting with putting huge barcodes on the sides of the ships so when they return to port they can Scandinavian.


Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladic jailed for genocide and crimes against humanity.


David Cassidy, star of the Partridge Family has died aged 67.


Mysterious ghost ship which emerged during a storm was actually a mafia brothel.


Pretty much all hope is lost of finding the Argentinian sub with 44 men on board.


Have a super Thursday.

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1 Response to 23rd November 2017 Morning News Wrap

  1. Adrian says:

    Know you’d prefer I don’t comment Peter but this one is important.

    IVF artificially creates babies knowing that most (93% according to one web site) will die either because they don’t implant in the womb or because they are intentionally destroyed as (1) they are not good enough to implant or (2) because they are “excessive” to requirements. Some are actually “used for research purposes” (i.e. experimented on) first.

    How are these deaths any different from that of a baby being aborted or of an elderly person being euthanised?



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