14th December 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Murdered Melbourne Mum Karen Ristevski’s husband has been charged with her murder.


Three injured after fiery explosion rocks Cairns.


Melbourne Husband and Wife kept an India immigrant as a slave for 8 years.


Special Platinum Vegemite is on sale now at Coles for a $1…..showing that the hype is over…….Lasting about as long as a Bitcoin Bubble…..keep reading.


Jeff Horn defends title.


A group of teen girls have snatched the Christmas spending money of a hit n run survivor in Melbourne.


Convicted child molester stopped at Sydney Airport….Nabbed under a new law cracking down on sex holidays. No not sex on holidays….sex holidays….there is a difference.


Aussie mum and her three year old son brutally stabbed to death on the Pacific Island of Kiribati.


Man who attacked a mum and her daughter with a chainsaw could be free in two years……well don’t judicial system.


Owner finds pet dead after it was left in a dog walker’s car.


Bitcoin bubble about to burst apparently…….Let’s see what we can do with that….Big bad bitcoin bubbly bubble set to burst bigger than big bang’s big bang…Boom.


Bahamas Bride bitten on the bottom by big shark….keeping the B theme going. (they were on their honeymoon).


Hunt for Alien technology on odd asteroid in our Solar System….See pic of what NASA says may be alien life. Begs the question….what’s a non odd Asteroid look like and how come NASA is not looking on those?


Kim Kardashian…nope.


Swans found stabbed and beheaded in London.


That will do…..Got a plane to catch…..

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