23rd December 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


It’s Christmas eve eve.


Sydney man killed in India after being hit by a bus in New Delhi while he was riding a motorbike.


The man at the centre of the Melbourne mental health SUV attack  is to be interviewed today…..I say mental health attack as authorities are going to great lengths to insist it is not a terrorist attack. And it certainly is not a terror attack. Sure the guy was a Muslim from Afghanistan. Sure he made statements that the attack was due to the mistreat of Muslims around the world. Sure he mentioned Allah and yes he also mentioned ASIO…..Seems like a clear case of mental health issues and nothing at all to do with terrorism. Dear Authorities…..We are not idiots. Stop trying to manipulate us.


Today is the busiest day of the year when it comes to the nation’s airports. Get their early people.


A 23 year old professional cyclist has been hit and killed on a Victorian road.


James Packer has a new girlfriend….well that’s certainly news worthy…..Guess they won’t be blasting Mariah Carey’s Christmas Favourite in their house…..All I want for Christmas is you…..Actually all I want for Christmas is world peace……sorry going all Miss Universe Pageant on you. Actually I want the latest ZX14 Ninja for Christmas…..That’s a motorbike for all you uninitiated. Maybe I should start all my posts with ZX14 instead of M68! in 2018:……as a subliminal suggestion for the wife for Christmas 2018  which is only 367 days away. See Pic.


A Tasmanian Parkour enthusiast, 16, has died while trying to make a 5 metre jump across a blowhole.


2 Trains collide in Vienne. Over a dozen people injured.


UN Security Council unanimously votes to out new sanctions on North Korea….good because they have been so effective in the past.


Wall Street down 28 points.


Texas Rangers have opened fire killing a mother and her 6 year old son because they thought she had a gun. She did not have a gun.


Have a super Saturday……Inbox me if you need my address to deliver the ZX14 to.

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