3rd January 2018 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


Footage has emerged of a 15 year old boy driving an SUV down a footpath in Melbourne on AFL Grand Final Morning trying to hit pedestrians. Police have said that this was not a terrorist attack but a mental health issue. Riiiiiiight. Police arrested the boy and then the courts gave him bail saying that he did not pose a risk to the public…..well clearly the magistrate is an idiot….Sorry for the strong words but seriously how dumb can you be? He tries to run down members of the public….he apparently has a mental health issue and so how is he not a further risk to the public?


A young man has been charged with the murder of his father on Palm Island.


Nine people have been hospitalised with drug overdoses in Perth.


Woman in custody after a man was shot dead at their Gold Coast Home.


Damaging thunderstorm hit the Northern NSW town of Clarence.


A man and a 7 year old boy have been killed after a car accident with a semi trailer 270kms north of Brisbane.


Sudanese community leaders in Melbourne are saying that there is no gang problem in Melbourne instead young boys are just walking together. Yes and robbing people together, car jacking together and assaulting people together…..Oh these young uns these days…..all they want to do is walk together….and now the police are going to be stopping their walking together…..but the good news is that they can be in jail together….oh who am I kidding…once they get before the courts, they will be let go together…..to continue walking together.


Investigators say that the sea plane that crashed on NYE was reliable…..well clearly not. Just sayin.


Half a tonne Marlin caught off the coast of WA. This is a record as far as Marlins go. See Pic.


A man has been struck and killed by lightning in the Northern Territory. He was holding a metal tripod at the time.


NSW dad dies after NYE’s one punch attack.


Trump cuts $345 million in Aid to Pakistan.


21 protestors have now been killed in Iran.


Hundreds of cars burnt and over 500 arrested during New Years unrest in France.


92% of America is below freezing at the moment.

Have a super third day of the year.

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