13th January 2018 Morning News Wrap.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


Billie Jean King wants Margaret Court Arena renamed. That’s because free speech in our nation is tolerated in this era of great tolerance unless you have an opinion that disagrees with the left then you will be vilified and bullied…..even when bullying is so not PC….is it PC and even encouraged if you are bullying a Christian. Didn’t some singer from America sing about Billie Jean King?


Headline reads….Don’t write off your New Years Resolutions just yet…you can do it…..Well I decided to not smoke this year, not mow my lawn and don’t ever eating Brussel sprouts and so far I am on track and feeling strong.


The driver who smashed into a family four, killing three of them north of Ulladulla on Boxing Day, had 60 driving convictions and four jail sentences for driving offenses….yet again showing that the joke of a court system in Australia is a complete joke. It seems you can pretty much get away with anything in this country…..oh except have a Christian opinion.


Another fatal crash on the South Coast yesterday killing a father and injuring his wife and daughter. This time the accident was at Milton….just minutes from where the Boxing Day crash was.


A 19 year old man has been found guilty of a one punch attack at Schoolies on the Gold Coast…..So what did the court do….let him walk free. And then we wonder why there is more of these kind of attacks….Because the courts provide no deterrent. Because Australia’s court system is about as useful as the economic policy of Zimbabwe.


Sudanese man who was verbally abused has blamed Bernie and Dutton for dividing the community. Yes because it would have nothing to the do with the Sudanese gangs terrorising Melbourne at the moment…..Definitely all PM Bernie.


Broome escapes wrath of Cyclone Joyce.


Apparently Julian Assange’s poor hygiene is the driving force behind Ecuador’s passion to end the 5 year stand off that has seen him forced to live in the Ecuadorian Embassy. In 2012 Assange wrote that he can go up to five days without a shower or changing his clothes….I agree with one headline simply titled Whiffyleaks.


Motorcycle deaths in Australia are on the increase and the age range of the increase is primarily over 50.


A 7 year old girl has been raped and murdered in Pakistan by a man Police believe is a serial killer. The little girl’s murder has led to protests across the nation in which two people have been killed and others injured.


Tonya Harding’s manager quits….why is this woman still in the news…..She broke the knees of a fellow skater like 100 years ago….


A woman in Nepal has died during her exile into a menstrual hut while she had her period. She died from smoke from the fire she lit to try and keep warm.


Trump in trouble for making derogatory comments about Haiti.


Vandals have damaged churches ahead of a visit by the Pope to Chile.


Have an amazing Saturday.

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