15th January 2018 Morning News Wrap.

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-
A 56 year old man has been stabbed to death whilst reading his bible at Hurstville Train Station in what police say seems to be a random attack.
Elderly man head-butts a teen on a Gold Coast tram.
Special needs teen fighting for life after a Brisbane House Fire.
Dispute over Cherries sparks a Melbourne Fruit shop brawl.
A Sudanese mother says that she wants to move back to Africa from Melbourne because she can’t control her sons. See link for information on how the Authorities are viewing the problem…what problem….there is no problem…well there is a problem but if we redefine what defines the problem then there really is no problem and so no problem then. Clear…..
Two workers die after being overcome with fumes from a Molasses Truck.
Darwin teen told to ‘go and do what Dolly did’ in a vile snap chat example of ongoing bullying.
Bernard Tomic. Ah the Tomic. How I love Australia’s male tennis players. They are just fine fine examples of Australia. Well the Tomic has just told everyone that he doesn’t mind losing the Australian Open Qualifier because ‘I just count my money…that’s all I do…I just count my money’. What a great man.
Oh Oh let’s keep going on Australia’s Tennis Players….Pat Cash won’t be celebrating Australia Day because he is embarrassed to be Australian after seeing poverty in Aboriginal Communities……So let’s unpack this. Mr Cash isn’t going to get up on January 26, he is not going to pull up his Aussie Bum speedos, go for a swim at Bondi Beach then he isn’t going to cook lamb on the Barbie…..and this helps Indigenous Australians how? Mr Cash, if you are so moved, and I agree there is an issue, then donate some money, volunteer some time or lobby some politicians…..Boycotting your Speedos aint doing a thing……Oh Oh….hit up the Tomic….he has lots of cash apparently.
Perth man blows up his house after a fight with his mum….probably a tennis player.
Queensland police call for the removal of sneaky police cameras…..probably will cause the collapse of the Queensland economy as I am sure they are 80% of the State’s revenue…..Ok I may be overstating this slightly. Its probably 78%.
Woman charged with animal cruelty for kicking a puppy.
Snow blankets parts of Victoria’s snow fields. Unusual for summer.
Sydney Train Commuters warned that this morning is going to be uglier that watching an Australian male tennis player.
Madeline McCann detective found dead in questionable circumstances.
H and M Stores trashed in Africa by gangs and Aussie Male Tennis players.
Tsunami threat issued for Chile….Tennis players again probably. Oh wait, there was an earthquake…..probably all Tomic’s cash hitting the floor.
Gunmen kill a Christian in the Sinai area.
A plane with 165 people on board has skidded off the run way in Turkey. No one was injured.
5 people killed in a helicopter crash off the coast of India.
And that will do my friend….Just a word of advice….if you are male and you play tennis you may need to consider changing to a sport that has less impact on your brain like UFC cage fighting.
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