3rd February 2018 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


The police didn’t find anything at the potential site of the Beaumont children’s graves.


So apparently the line should read…..the burgers are mouldier at Hungry Jacks, after a customer at a Perth Store discovered mould all over his bun….the franchise owner was heard to say….Shhhh don’t tell everyone otherwise everyone will want mould on their bun too….Apparently it’s the latest hipster craze….well think back to the first incidence of blue vein cheese…..so a uni student had his parent’s over for Sunday brunch and he had nothing but crackers and a half eaten block of coon that had gone mouldy….he sold it to them as Blue Vein and his parents, deli owners from inner city Melbourne loved the concept and that’s why we now all eat mould cheese and think of ourselves as sophisticated. See Pic.


Elderly Melbourne man arrested after his wife was found dead in their home.


A cancer survivor has survived again after crashing his motorbike into some roos on the way to work.


Townsville to lose 40 aviation jobs this year when a squadron moves to Melbourne.


Sonia Kruger is saying her toddler is giving her love handles…..I suggest it’s the Krispy Kremes she is eating for morning tea.


Sacked QLD Bus Driver, who was sacked for leaving a 5 year old on his bus, has found another job….which at 79 is not a bad effort.


Cancer striken grandmother first to have awake mastectomy as there were fears she wouldn’t survive the aesthetic.


Wall Street down 665 points.


A former accountant in Texas has been executed yesterday for killing his two young daughters fairly soon after a split from his wife. He smiled to his ex wife as he sat in the execution chamber and his final words to her were ‘I’ll see you soon’.


A truck driver in Peru has been detained for driving over a UN world heritage site to avoid a toll.


Van ploughs into pedestrians on a busy street in Shanghi.


Controversial FBI memo released by congress.


Fidel Castro’s son, takes his own life.


Have a super Saturday.

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