7th February 2018 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


A 25 year old electrician has been left a quadriplegic after falling into shallow waters from his friends shoulders at Corowa.


$66 billion wiped off the value of the Australian Sharemarket yesterday.


RBA leaves interest rates on hold.


The elderly Melbourne woman who was bashed while walking her dogs four days ago….has died.


Headline reads Sam Dastyari joins…….When you open the story you find out that he joined a communication company…..But that is not what was running through my head……Sam Dastayri joins the Iran Secret Service. Sam Dastyari joins an order of Mr Bean Lookalikes. Sam Dastyari joins the dots and realises he was an unpopular Federal Politician. Sam Dastyari joins the gym….well clearly that’s not news. Sam Dastyari joins a Sudanese gang in Melbourne.


Australia a giant step closer to holding the Women’s Soccer World Cup. Yes but the real question women want know is: is that giant step that was taken?….was it a size six and where did she get those shoes.


A hundred students at a state school in Brisbane have got detention for wearing the wrong shoes…..and this makes the news? Well I guess the last story was about shoes so maybe its relevant.


Pregnant WA Woman and her baby have died from a snake bite.


Fraiser’s Dad dies aged 77.


Photos of emerge of China’s supergun. See pic.


Oil Tanker off the coast of South Africa was taken by pirates and then the crew got it back. Well done Captain Philips.


Paris terror suspect refuses to speak at his trial.


Strong quake shakes Taiwan causing damaging to buildings and roads.


Wall Street up 490 points after being down 500 points mid sessions.
Assange won’t be leaving the Ecuadorian embassy anytime soon after his bid to have the UK arrest warrant against him dropped, failed.


Have a super Wednesday.

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