19th February 2018 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


Apparently the majority of Australians want Barnaby Joyce to quit politics…..and the bullying of Joyce out of office continues…..and again we wonder why there is a bullying issue in Australia….well just watch how this situation is being outplayed.


A factory containing hundreds of cannabis plants has gone up in flames in Melbourne….Firemen and police are on the seen and I would imagine are having a great time…..but afterwards will be hitting Maccas due to getting the munchies.


Calls for a Nationals MP to be sacked after he posted a pic of himself holding a gun implying that he was going to shoot the Greens. This was just days after the Florida shooting…..Very poor taste.


Tropical cyclone Kelvin batters WA.


Controversy at the Winter Olympics as an Aussie misses out on a medal despite his competitor and medal winner, falling during his ski run.


Man stabbed multiple times in Sydney’s CBD.


Police investigating are after a man dies following his arrest in Sydney…..Witnesses say there was up to 15 police involved in his arrest.


Woman finds live maggots inside Aldi Chocolate cake.


NSW lifeguards have saved 150 people over the weekend from rough surf.


Trumps blames the FBI for missing Florida shooting.


Passenger plane crashes in Iran killing all 66 on board.


Cape Town is preparing to run out of water as supplies are down to 13%. They are saying that that day will be sometime in June.


Fears held for missing Queensland woman and baby.


Five people have been killed during a church shooting in Russia.


18 people die during an explosion at an Indian wedding.


That will do for today. Have a super Monday.

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