28th June 2018 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


It’s the last day of summer.


Some guy in Sydney has been charged with siphoning $10 million into his personal account.


Speaking of millions, four million cars recalled for faulty airbags.


Canterbury NRL legend Steve Folkes has died.


The Northern Territory Child Care workers have had to be retrained due to the fact that they were turning a blind eye to child abuse due to ‘cultural grounds’. They also had to be reminded of the age of consent…..I suggest if child protection workers are not protecting children then sacking is a better course of action than retraining. Every single child who has been abused under their watch….they have grossly failed.


Man stabbed to death in a Melbourne home.


Government wants to increase the rollout of cashless welfare debit cards…And then soon the card numbers will just be put on the recipient’s right hand ‘for security’ purposes.


A Wollongong man was using an angle grinder when it exploded in his face.


Aussie parents are sending their kids to a nine-day boot camp to break their screen addiction.


A grandfather cyclist who was shot three times whilst he rode in country Victoria, pretended he was dead so the shooter wouldn’t come back to finish him off.


A clipboard left in the engine cowling of a Jetstar plane was ‘injested’ by the plane as it took off from NZ but had to return to NZ…..probably due to indigestion of the injested clipboard.


Sutherland man arrested yesterday for committing indecent acts on a 9 year old Canadian girl via skype, organised by her mother.


A teen boxer in the US, after winning his fourth fight, has at the end of the fight pulled his pants down to reveal that he has a colostomy bag…..


Russian news channels has used footage of Syria being bombed, that was taken from a computer game.


The Colosseum covered in snow. See Pic.


13 police officers have been injured during clashes with protestors in Kiev.


Dow down 206 points.


Saudi Arabia allows women to join the military.


Two stowaways hiding in the landing gear of a plane from Ecuador to New York, have died when they fell from the bay.


Have a super day..

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