5th March 2018 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


International Director of Global Care flies to PNG for a series of meetings to re-launch Global Care in the nation.


Tasmanians vote to retain Liberal Government.


Barnaby Joyce may not be the baby’s father. Not sure why he felt to tell everyone and publicly shame his affair partner.


A 12 month old baby has been mauled to death by the family’s Rottweiler at Inverell.


A 10 year old Melbourne Girl is in hospital after being bitten by her family’s pet dog.


25 year old Cairns man arrested over the murder of a mum, Donna Steele.


12 year old girl is in a Perth Hospital fighting for her life after she received an electric shock from a tap whilst watering the garden.


Macedonians around Oz have rallied to protest and burn Greek flags due to a bitter battle over culture, language and identity in Europe. Apparently, Greece is not the word.


Man shoots himself outside the White House…. Man that’s got to hurt.


Major Charles Emerson Winchester III from MASH has died. See Pic.


Roger Bannister dies: He was the first man to run the four minute mile.


Oscars on this week….No one really cares.


Apparently I would be surprised what Fergie calls the Queens…..Well News People…..I seriously doubt it…. as the care factor is less that zero.


Outrage in London after a student was forced to wear a yellow vest because he his autistic.


Pamela Anderson says she was molested for a year by a female babysitter when she was a little girl.


Pentagon to spend $1 billion on drone blinding laser.


A skier has been killed in an avalanche in the French Alps.


Have a great Monday.

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