8th March 2018 Morning News Wrap



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


Welcome to International Women’s Day.


Sydney man attacked on a cruise and now stranded in Vanuatu with facial injuries.


Sydney faces years of train disruptions due to a mega upgrade of the system.


DJ Kate Langbroek attacked in her St Kilda home.


Passengers evacuated after fire breaks out on Blue Mountains Train. See Pic.


Bernard Tomic’s entourage accused of drink spiking at a Gold Coast Nightclub.


A fisherman has got into trouble after he uploaded footage of him towing a live shark behind his ute. What an idiot?


Must be the start of the footy season….TV and Radio is being bombarded with gambling ads….and we wonder why we have a gambling problem in this nation….Hey people just because you put ‘Gamble responsibly’ at the end of the ad, doesn’t discharge your social responsibility. ‘Advertise gambling responsibly’


A cyclist has been killed whilst riding in South East Adelaide.


An 8 year old boy in the US loaded up a rifle and repeatedly shot his 4 year old sister. He then rang his mother who left work to clean up the blood, tend to her daughter’s injuries and then went back to work leaving the two alone again. Head shaking moment.


Bomb Cyclone moves enough sand off a beach in Florida that it has uncovered a shipwreck from the 1700’s.


A father in the US is in trouble after making his 10 year old son jog 1.6k’s to school because he had been kicked off the school bus for bullying.


A mother in Shanghi has handed her iPhone to her toddler who then tried to unlock it with so many tries….she is now locked out of her phone for 25 million minutes.


Nerve Agent used to kill ex Russian Spy in the UK.


Florida School shooting gunman charged with 17 counts of murder.


Manhunt in Vienna after knife attack leaves several people injured.


Crimes against the homeless on the rise in LA.


A Swedish wildlife park has been receiving death threats after they were caught destroying 163 healthy animals.


Have a super day and if you are identifying as a female today then Happy International Woman’s Day.

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