9th March 2018 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


Airport chaos at the moment at Sydney Airport after a computer glitch closed down security check points. Massive queues now with flights being delayed, which means its business as usual for Jetstar. Qantas Domestic Terminal still operating ok.


A woman has committed suicide off the Sky Deck of Centrepoint Tower in Sydney.


A Victorian mother has been charged with the murder of her 8 year old son.


Two year old Coffs Harbour girl is the fourth dog mauling victim in a week.


Trans Pacific Partnership signed this morning.


Ingham could see the biggest flood peak in its history. See Pic.


Perth grandfather bashed outside his home.


Woman makes $90,000 a year shipping baby formula and vitamins to China.


A Beaudesert farmer has found 6 of his cows dead after a thunderstorm….Seems they were struck by lightning. Does this mean they came already cooked?


Mt Isa man blows up his kitchen trying to kill cockroaches by lighting insect spray as a flame thrower…..#straya.


NZ actress and an unidentified man have been found dead in an Auckland house, a week after the actress went missing.


Trump about to sign into law, new tariffs on steel and aluminium. Australia is waiting to see details to see how this will impact our exports. I guess we can always export baby formula.


A NZ academic has been fired for complaining a Muslim student wouldn’t shake his hand. He was claiming sexual discrimination.


Apple suppliers have breached its core labor rules 44 times in the last year. This means that it has used companies that used child labor and debt bondage.


Up to 120 people evacuated from a smoking mine in Russia. They really should call the Quit Line. I wonder if the mine is called Gary…..Who remembers No Gary No. No Gary No. Nooooooo GARY!


Out of control Chinese Satellite is about to hit the earth. See the problem with the Satellite is that it was made in China….using cheap Chinese components.


And on that note. Stay safe from the Chinese and have a great day.

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