12 March 2018 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


Violent Perth carjacking attempt sparks manhunt. I personally find the term manhunt offensive. It should be personhunt.


The girl who was electrocuted whilst she was watering the garden, is now breathing on her own.


The Jicklier Government is wanting to increase the number of pokies in NSW. Cause they are only driven by dollars and not the welfare of the people in the state.


Dramatic rescue of four teens from overturned catamaran off the coast of Brisbane.


Man has Porsche impounded ten minutes after buying it…which proves having money doesn’t mean you have brains.


A Victorian Grandfather has told how he fought off a shark by punching it in the head…..RSPCA says nothing….but had he punched a Roo…all hell would have broken out….Anyway the Shark was the same shark that Mick Fanning punched and so it has now launched legal action in the UN Court of Animal Rights, to stop people punching it. Hey you know how animals are sometimes loaned between zoos….I wonder when a shark is on loan whether it’s called a Loan Shark?


Ed Sheeran fans in Melbourne complain about the heat at the concert venue with lots of them feinting. Apparently, the venue was in a Castle on a Hill, although people are saying it felt more like a Lego House with the A Team (The Air Conditioning Team) failing. One victim, A Galway Girl, said the concert was less then Perfect, but then admitted she was just Thinking Out Loud. Another women, Nancy Mulligan who passed out, had a Small Bump on her head in the Shape of You. As she passed out she shouted Save Yourself and then mumbled Bibia Be Ye Ye, but she may have had alcohol in her BloodStream.


Ice effected woman backs over a 2 year in the Hunter Valley.


65% increase in women in Aussie jails over the last 10 years.


China approves Presidents for life.


Camilla could become Queen. No No No.


Lightning kills 16 and injures 140 at Rwandan church.


Black Panther earns $1 billion at the box office.


Catalan Independence protests attract thousands.


A woman in NZ performs a Tracheotomy with a Stanley Knife to save her boyfriend.


Navy pilot spots a mysterious object streaking across the Atlantic. See Pic…..Yeah I can’t see it either.


And on that note. Have a super day.

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