22nd March 2018 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-


Two people have been killed in a Helicopter crash just off Hamilton Island. I have been thinking abit about death of late and how death comes as a surprise to many and then the after life…..I have to implore you…..accept the saving grace of Jesus Christ whilst you still can. The afterlife without Jesus is just too horrible to gamble….You must be born again.


Women charged over the death of a Sydney Lawyer.


James Packer resigns from being on the Board of Crown Casino citing mental health issues.


Snake infestation across Sydney. If these snakes are found on building sights then it officially has to be labelled Snakes and Ladders. If they are found at the airport – it officially becomes Snakes on a plane.


A man has been killed after a trench collapsed in Ballarat.


Man records and uploads an apology message after his racist tirade yesterday in an Adelaide Centrelink office. Yeah…he is sorry he didn’t see the cameras recording the tirade.


A neighbour has saved a woman’s life after hiding her at the height of a domestic violence situation.


A Gold Coast school failed to tell the parents of a boy who had scissors held to his throat in a bullying incident.


A Victorian man who donated sperm for research 30 years ago, has discovered he fathered 8 children.


Austin serial bomber has been killed during his arrest.


Blast in Kabul, kills 26 people.


Wall Street down 45 points.


US Fed Reserve lifts interest rates by 25 points.


Israel claims responsibility for Syrian Nuclear reactor bombing.


Have a great day.

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