17th April 2018 Morning News Wrap

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-
Three people have been killed in a house fire in Brisbane.
Israel Folau has offered to quit to the Australian Rugby Union for comments he made on his Instagram Account. He committed a Speech Crime and it may yet cost him his career. I wrote a blog on this last week. Lots have read it…but in case you missed it….see the link. I personally think this is an exceptionally important issue in Australia right now.
QLD Premier scathing over the Closing Ceremony of the Comm Games…..The rest of this comment was deleted….It was a Speech Crime against Political Correctness.
Man gunned down in a Melbourne driveway.
Woolworths, the Fresh Food People, are this morning the Frenzied Frantic People, after their computer system was hacked by North Koreans trying to sway the Shareholder election for the CEO as they are wanting to install Kim Jong Un’s distance cousin Kim Jong Uner. Ok I may have embellished this story a little cause it was boring just to report Woolworths had a computer outage yesterday.
Big accident on the Pacific Motorway north of Sydney….will create delays this morning for North bound traffic.
Two surfers mauled off the coast of WA.
Coke is releasing Coke Slushies in a pouch…..Thank you Coke.
PM Bernie announced Lieutenant General Angus Campbell as Australia’s next Defence Chief. This would be a cushy job cause don’t you just yell down to the troops below you…..Just do whatever America says……Mind you, I do like having America as our Military big brother….So Yes Sir Uncle Sam. God Bless America.
A fight has broken out between Pro Surfers in the car park of the Margaret River Pro….That was my wave, no it was my wave….I will hit you with my leg strap….Meanwhile a couple of beaches away, two surfers were attacked by sharks….so maybe the carpark surfers should take a good hard look at themselves and keep the main thing the main thing.
A Sunshine Coast 4 year old girl who is battling cancer has lost 80% of her skin in a major health setback. Let’s pray for her this morning.
In what looks like a the script of a movie….a woman in the US has killed her hubby and then killed a woman that looked like her, so she could disappear from the life she had as a husband murdering wife and assume the identity and life of her doppelganger. She still has not be arrested. Movie Title…The Doggelganger did it.
Headline reads Jawsome. 1400 basking sharks spotted off the US North Atlantic Coast.
Headline reads…Who you gonna call? Apparently Catholics around the world are starting to ring their priests to get over the phone exorcisms. So many comments but I’ll leave that and sign off for the day. Have a good one.
Oh one more….The Queen turns 92 on Saturday. God Bless the Queen.
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