21st August 2017 Morning News Wrap


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Missing 7 year old Aussie boy in Barcelona after the terrorist attack has been found. He unfortunately was one of the 14 killed.


Sydney woman stabbed repeatedly in her home…Husband charged over the attack.


Teen boys released without charge after fatal Adelaide collision.


All Blacks played the Wallabies in the opening Bledisloe Cup….Unfortunately it seems only the All Blacks turned up with the Wallabies conceding 40 points in the first half.


PM Bernie vows to stay ahead of constantly evolving terror threat….and I wonder how he is doing that…..


QLD dad killed in a fiery drag racing crash.


Huge brawl breaks out at Mandurah night club.


The Jiklier promises to fast track stadium upgrades.


Facebook blocks traditional marriage campaign….Surprise!


Spanish police suspect the terror cell that carried out the attack last week had planned a much larger attack as they have found 100 unused gas cylinders.


USS Indianapolis found in Pacific 72 years after WWII ship sunk by a torpedo.


Jerry Lewis has died aged 81. See Pic.


North Korea has issued another stern warning to the US.


A woman with the worst mother inlaw in the world has been awoken from a spinning needle coma by a kiss from some hot guy…..Take that The Bachelor….He then gave her a rose.


One third of British Jews consider emigrating amid growing anti-Semitism…..probably because England is a Muslim Nation now.


Car plows through partygoers in Belgium injuring 4 people.


Vietnam war era shell explodes killing 6 people.


Mexico gas pipeline explosion leaves 1 dead and 5 wounded.


Astroid the size of 40 football fields to whizz past earth in September…but its not an ELE…..who remembers what that is and from what movie?


A five year old boy in the US who got a heart transplant has sadly died on his first day of school.


Welcome to Monday.