31st August 2017 Morning News Wrap

Ut_HKthATH4eww8X4xMDoxOjA4MTsiGN_4086844People are rescued from a flooded village in Motihari59a5599a96446_e4f12eb36b41a7d6d7ea0fc8dac91fd6ae2c1402People walk on the water as roads are flooded due to heavy rain in Dhaka


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:


Warning: Strong opinions present.


Last Day of Winter….Woohoo….its been tough up here in South East Queensland….Sometimes the temp has got down to as low as 11….Well ok that was only once….and two times I actually threw a jacket in the car just in case.


20 years ago today Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in a Paris tunnel trying to flee Paparazzi.


Well new day new Federal Politician waking up and telling the nation they are surprised to find out they are a citizen of another country….today its Derryn Hinch who has a US Security Number and therefore may not be eligible to be a politican……For the record he has been receiving a US Pension up until he was elected.


Police have shot and killed a man in Bathurst.


A woman has been cut from car after being trapped due to a crash in Sydney.


Aussie Cricket team lost to Bangladesh.


Kyrgios crashes out in the first round of the US….Good…will save him from getting bored….and ultimately being an embarrassment to our nation.


US Missile Defence Agency has successfully shot down a missile in a test off the Navy warship John Paul Jones….Isn’t John Paul Jones a famous aussie singer with the song….Love is in the Air…..no wait….That’s John Paul Young….So close.


Water is still falling from the sky in Texas.


The death toll from the Texan flood is now 20.


And here is the not so subtle racist overtones of the main stream media…..More than 1200 people have been killed and millions displaces by Monsoon floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal….but the media are obsessed with the 20 Americans who died in Texas because they are Americans….Asians on the other hand…..well its only 1200 that have drowned and there are lots of them so they don’t matter as much apparently. For the record the Monsoon floods story wasn’t even carried on the CNN or BBC News App. See Pics…..which has no Americans in them.


#PrayforAsia is unlikely to trend on Twitter. #PrayforTexas….on the other hand.


The Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca has just started…..it was 2 years ago that 2400 people were trampled to death in a stampede.


A man has been banned from Twitter because he made a death threat against a Mosquito who had repeatedly bitten him while he was watching TV….Well done Twitter….meanwhile Terrorists, ISIS and hate groups continue using the Social Media platform to spew forth hatred and venom…..Welcome to our brave new world…..Where complete stupidity happens on a daily basis.


Hey that guy that had a 1.2 metre sword outside Buckingham Palace the other day, that caused panic and the Palace to go into Lockdown…..has been released….No charges…..and we wonder how Terrorism happens. Well here is a little lesson boys and girls…..Western Courts and Police are so powerless than even when you create panic in a city (London) that has had multiple terrorist attacks, with a big knife….and you act menacingly toward the police and actually injure three of them…..you get no charges and you are released……Probably will be compensated for the inconvenience of being arrested and get a book deal from the BBC….who are so busying being PC that they can’t even report on a massive tragedy in Asia.


But hey….make a threat toward a mosquito and an International Social Media platform will ban you.


Just a head shaking day…..